Shoe Sensors

Shoe Sensors: Nike + Basketball

Nike has unveiled a new element in their + products this week by rolling out Hyperdunk a sensor enabled shoe that Lebron James will first start wearing at the London Olympics later this year. Four different sensors and an accelerometer are located inside each of the shoe soles to provide accurate readings about how hard you played that day and to record your highest jumps (The company claims it has created an algorithm that is more than 96 percent accurate in its measurement and accuracy for jumps, etc.).

While data in the previous generation of Nike+ running sneakers was enabled through a proprietary radio protocol (and only gathered data from one shoe), the latest Nike+ sensors use Bluetooth to connect to users smartphones. The data is stored locally on the sensor, and users can then sync and upload the data to see how their play stacked up against others on the court and with the community online.

This seems like a solid first commercial step towards both amateur and professionals using embedded sensors and connectivity to add a new element of engagement to the games.

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