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Drinke is a project created for the Berkeley Interactive Device Design course by 4 students (Elliot Nahman, Amy Pavel, Sean Chen, Steve Rubin) that wants to help you easily log and improve your hydration habits throughout the day.

Bob is constantly finding himself dehydrated, but he doesn’t think that he’s not drinking enough fluids. It turns out that Bob is drinking a lot of caffeine, which actually dehydrates him. Our Smart Cup can help Bob by giving him a simple way to track the different fluids that he’s drinking, alerting him, for example, if he’s drinking too much caffeine.

Alice’s doctor tells her to drink 4 liters of water every day, so Alice has started to buy bottled water so she can easily measure her water intake. Smart Cup will provide an eco-friendly solution that allows Alice to track her consumption requirements with a web/mobile app.

The four won the course’s Best Project Prize for their design that uses a force resistor built into the bottom of the cup to estimate the volume of the beverage, a temperature sensor to determine if it’s a hot/cold drink, and a combination of an LED and light sensor to detect the opacity and color of the liquid.

The team’s prototype is able to identify over a dozen common beverages and wirelessly send this gathered data to a user’s smartphone and corresponding mobile app to be managed.

The device’s cloud service helps you set hydration goals, follow what type of beverages you have been consuming, and follow your progress from a web browser or your phone.

Smart Cup: Drinke


Smart Cup: Drinke

More details about the concept can be found on the team’s course project page or by viewing their final presentation deck here.

Image Credits: Elliot Nahman, Amy Pavel, Sean Chen, Steve Rubin

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Ecosystems: Alexa, Android, iOS, Homekit, SmartThings

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