Budweiser Red Light

Smart Goal Lights

The Budweiser Red Light is a product released to hockey fans in Canada that gives them the chance to bring some of the action out on the ice into their own homes with a light that syncs to the goals of their favorite team.

Designed by Australian agency Buzz Products to mimic the iconic goal lights installed in arenas, the product connects to a users home WiFi network using an Electric Imp card system. Once connected, a fan can manage their settings, location, and favorite team details using an included Iphone or Android app.

Smart Goal Lights: Budweiser Red Light


Smart Goal Lights: Budweiser Red Light


Budweisers brand director Kyle Norrington on their campaign.

Budweiser is all about celebration and great times. As a brand that loves hockey, we wanted to elevate those key moments during the game when celebration is at its peak — the moment a goal is scored,”

Watch one of the Red Light ad spots in the video below or you can visit: Budweiser.ca/redlight/light.php for additional details and specs on the light.

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Image Credits: Budweiser Canada

Via: Tim Maly @doingitwrong

Budweiser Red Light

Ecosystems: Alexa, Android, iOS, Homekit, SmartThings

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