Simplify your laundry experience

LaundryQb is a project concept developed by four California Berkeley graduate students (Ross Yeager, Ryan Rho, Hassan Elahi and Zhaochen “JJ” Lui) that wants to provide an inexpensive way for you to monitor your laundry, making sure to avoid any moldy or wrinkly clothes or getting the entire wash load thrown out by an inpatient stranger in your building.

The system uses a small waterproof device that contains an accelerometer to track the vibration and rotation of the washer or dryer. By attaching the device to the machine itself or by actually throwing it in with the clothes it will send an alert out to the users smartphone when the laundry has been finished or has been interrupted for some reason.

Initially targeted people who live in dorms or large apartment buildings the team thinks the low price point and the fact that their system avoids being built directly into the machines and fits into how users actually do their wash could help it succeed. The prototype is built using an Xbee for wireless communication and a USB dongle on a local computer to get the data to the user and to manage the SMS notifications.

Smart Laundry Sensors: LaundryQb
Smart Laundry Sensors: LaundryQb

More details about the device can be found here, or by watching the short proof of concept video below.

Image Credits: Ross Yeager, Ryan Rho, Hassan Elahi and Zhaochen “JJ” Lui

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