Smart Motors and Apps for Robots

Moti is a project by Toronto based Steddy Robots (operated by Nicholas Stedman and Co) that wants to make it easy for you to move your projects remotely.

Built on Open Source Hardware (Arduino compatible) the system uses servo motors and connections to the web via either Ethernet, Bluetooth or WiFi to operate. Once you have made a connection and signed into your hardware, you have immediate control over your device using visual dials and sliders.

Smart DIY Motors: Moti
It's an ideal servo that has a built-in Arduino-compatible microcontroller, a bunch of on-board sensors, continuous rotation and encoding, io pins for adding electronics, a web-API, instant networking with each other, and control over bluetooth.

Robotics, art projects, toys, and store displays become easy to program and control from a browser or your phone/tablet/computer with the device.

Additional features include continuous 360° rotation, built-in sensing (position, torque, voltage and temperature), and the ability to record your projects output to a timeline where you can sequence the control patterns of multiple Motis.

More details about the system can be found by visiting: or by following @SteddyRobots

Image Credits: Steddy Robots