Smart Muscle Sensors

Somaxis is a California company started by Alexander Grey and Violetta Georgiou focused on creating sensors for real-time muscle measurement. Their first product Myolink, is an open-source, wearable sensor that monitors your muscles, heart, and brain’s electrical output and transmits this data wirelessly to your smartphone to be tracked and analyzed.

Your muscles and your heart are trying to tell you a story…

Alexander grew up around his parents health clinic that focused on using muscle energy technology (sEMG) to help cure people with repetitive strain injuries using muscle learning therapy. Using this background experience as inspiration for the project Alexander wanted to provide a low cost and practical version of the same type of systems used in his parents clinic.

The Myolink sensors are currently undergoing final design development and beta testing but will eventually look and act like a bandaid that you place anywhere on your body. Data is picked up on the surface of the skin via 3 sensors in each patch (2 active and 1 ground) and this information is transmitted via Bluetooth 4 to your device. The sensors can be used individually or placed in multiples on your body (ex: One on heart and one on each of your calf muscles).

Primary targets for the device are athletic activities like running or cycling where the sensors can give you insight into warm up levels, muscle fatigue and muscle symmetry. A few additional use cases for the sensors include:

  • Yoga software that uses muscle isolation to help for proper pose positions
  • Weight-lifting applications that assesses power and form
  • Physical therapy and warning you to an injury onset
  • Help users avoid Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, etc
  • Monitor stress and relaxation levels
  • Video game or prosthetic controls
Smart Muscle Sensors: Myolink
Smart Muscle Sensors: Myolink


Smart Muscle Sensors

You can find out more details about the sensors and their release date at: or by watching the video embedded below.

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