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The most advanced sign on earth

Brooklyn based design studio Breakfast is no stranger to creating connected projects with a range of successful designs under their belt including Instaprint and their Bike with a Brain prototype. Their newest project Points is a web enabled signage system targeting conferences, sporting events and public facilities needing adaptable and interactive wayfinding signage.

Using the sign's rotating motor controls and 16,000 strong LED display in combination with incoming data streams from custom API sources, transit schedules, weather forecasts and sites like Twitter and Foursquare the sign can constantly adapt to changing conditions either from a person's input using the eye level "menu", or from organizers controlling the display's schedule and location from a web dashboard.

Web enabled wayfinding system
Smart Signage: Points
Web enabled wayfinding system
Smart Signage: Points

You can see the Points display in action using a variety of different data streams in the video below or learn more about how it works at: Breakfastny.com/points.

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Image Credits: Breakfast NY


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