TankScan (Acquired by Atek Access Technologies)

TankScan wireless monitoring measures levels in multiple light industrial liquid tanks, optimizing data, delivery routes, inventories and customer service.


TankScan is both a hardware line and full-service platform for wirelessly monitoring the contents of industrial liquid tanks. It’s part of Minnesota-based ATEK Access Technologies.

Industrial tanks hold all kinds of liquids, from water and flammable fuels to caustic chemicals. Keeping tabs on the contents traditionally requires a lot of time and effort, especially when the tanks are spread out over a wide area -- like those serviced by a home heating oil business, which has to predict when a customer’s fuel supply is low enough to make a delivery worthwhile, but still keep the tank from running dry.

TankScan’s hardware begins with monitors that screw into the top of a tank, are durable enough for industrial and outdoor use, and boast up to two years of battery life when readings are taken every four hours. They use micro-impulse radar (the same technology that detects collision warnings in some cars) to measure the distance from the top of a tank to the surface of the liquid it contains. The data, which is accurate down to the nearest third of an inch, is sent wirelessly to a local Zigbee hub and passed back to a cloud service.

Smart Tank Monitoring: TankScan
Smart Tank Monitoring: TankScan

Facility managers and delivery dispatchers can check in on all of their tanks through mobile and web apps, so they always know who needs a refill and how soon. With precision data and automatic alerts, businesses can cut down on the frequency of refills and deliveries and streamline routes to provide more efficient service.

For customers who want even more streamlining, ATEK offers a service platform that includes installation, maintenance and technical support for the TankScan hardware. Learn more at TankScan.com.

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