Stanza is a London based artist who has been exploring ideas of technology and networked art since he first started exhibitiing his work in 1984. His project Sonicity first deployed in 2010 at The Lanternhouse in Ulverston uses wireless sensor motes and security monitoring technologies to explore how the experience of the gallery visitor will change as they engage with the real-time data being generated around them.

"My system monitors the space (the building) and the environment (the city) and captures live real time data (light , temperature, noise, humidity, position) to create an ambient sonification, an acoustic responsive environment, literally the sound of the micro incidents of change that occur over time."

Sonicity: Real time space sonification
Sonicity: Real time space sonification

In the gallery space 170 speakers are laid out across the floor from which you can walk around and hear the "re-formed and re-contextualised" live data from the sensor networks.

Technical information and more details about the installation can be found at: or you can watch/hear the project in action in the video below.

Image Credits: Stanza

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