L8 smartlight

The 'L8 smartlight' is an palm sized desktop lamp that uses a full-colour 8x8 LED matrix and a large RGB LED to generate codes of patterns and customized animated light sequences that can be used to communicate a message, set ambience, or display a custom visual alert.

Control for the device comes from your smartphone via bluetooth connectivity where you can define "If This Than That" display rules from online/social networking activity as well as from data gathered from its 3 built-in sensors (proximity, temperature, and luminosity) to add interaction modes that responsd to current environmental conditions.

Image and light sequence designs for the device can be generated and shared within the L8 community via the 'L8tie' online creator and an SDK for the device will also be available at launch for developers.

Soundless Speaker - Smart Home
Soundless Speaker: L8
Soundless Speaker: L8

The 'L8 smartlight' has been successfully funded on Kickstarter as of August 3rd and currently you can pick one up for yourself or learn more about the project details by visiting http://www.l8smartlight.com/.