Storytelling and the Internet of Things

Storytelling and the Internet of Things

Lance Weiler a “story architect of film, tv and games – an all around culture hacker” has an article out in Film Maker Magazine that discusses using elements of an Internet of Things in order to create the next generation of storytelling.

A few clips:

“As connected devices and services continue to develop, filmmakers will be able to place a story layer over the real world. Inanimate objects and physical locations will become an opportunity to extend stories and engage audiences in ways that propel 21st-century storytelling.”

“Historically, where technology goes, storytelling follows. This has been the case with production and distribution technologies. But now we are experiencing a shift; the ability to creatively embed stories within the real world will influence the next generation of social applications.

What does this mean to the average filmmaker? Well, Experience Designers will become the film directors of the 21st century, weaving emotionally engaging tales that connect audiences to each other and the world around them.”

Read the full post here or see Lance’s latest work at:

He also mentions a few projects he has been working on that start to play with these ideas. The first is an interactive documentary project called Bear71 by Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison about a “bear in the Canadian Rockies that illuminates the way humans engage with wildlife in the age of networks, satellites and digital surveillance”. For those lucky enough to be watching the film at Sundance in Park City a combination of facial detection software, augmented reality, motion sensors, wireless trail cams, QR codes, projection and data visualization allows audience members to become animals who are tracked within the storyworld of film. More details about thet project can be found here.

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Image Credit: Bear 71

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