The Internet of Everything: Talks from the XV Future Trends Forum

Taking place in May of last year was the XV Future Trend Forum focusing on the "Internet of EveryThing" and brought together a wide range of industry experts to discuss the topic.

The event was a collaboration with the Bankinter Foundation, Accenture and experts of the Future Trends Forum. A publication called The Internet of Things: In a Connected World of Smart Objects was also created and is available for viewing here (pdf)

Event Videos:

Peter Hirshberg - Opening doors of Internet of Things"In addressing the current state of the “Internet of Things,” Peter Hirshberg recalls his rather humorous history of failing to notice now obvious capabilities that computers and later the internet had to offer. He retrospectively examines his tenure at Apple Computers, in which his work on computer-to-computer networking miraculously did not lead to the inception of the internet, and, later, his work with Bill Gates at Microsoft, of which he laments their cumulative lack of foresight. Mr. Hirshbergattributes this narrow-mindedness to the trend of applying new technologies to existing problems rather than approaching new technologies with an open mind"......Full synapsis and video can be viewed here.

Prof. Neil Gershenfeld - Overall landscape, a perspective on the Internet of Things

"Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, starts his talk with a quick explanation on what the internet of things is according to his perspective. He goes back to the beginning of the internet and its principles and how it evolved until 2010 and gives a few examples of applications that were made at the Center for Bits and Atoms in the past and their goal. Firstly, he talks about Internet 0 that enables to connect devices between each other without the need of a computer between them. He explains the application of the technology to energy infrastructure for efficiency and talks about the results and explains why there are still problems and a big waste of energy due to the absence of appropriate control systems and their high cost"......Full synapsis and video can be viewed here.

Joseph C. Kvedar - Applications in Healthcare

"Joseph C. Kvedar, Founder and Director of the Center for Connected Health, gives a speech about the applications of M2M in Healthcare. He starts his talk by explaining how each person should have the tools to be their own doctor whenever possible and how there should be no need to go to a hospital or a doctor’s office to make healthcare happen. He explains how the Center for Connected Health works and how they are trying to change the traditional healthcare model. Dr. Kvedar gives a few examples of healthcare applications that enable patients to monitor their health 24/7 thanks to mobile technology and share what they track about their illnesses to help other with the same pathologies. He insists on how we can bond with technology and don’t necessarily need human beings for everything."......Full synapsis and video can be viewed here.

Emily Green - What is Anywhere?

"Emily Green, Chairman of the Board at Yankee Group and Author of ANYWHERE, starts talking about the contribution of ubicuos connectivity that is collaborative intelligence. Then she talks about her book Anywhere, term that describes the state in which all of us and all of the things we care about are connected. She describes a new breed of consumers, segment that is correlated to emergence to mobile broadband, to enable all activities they want. Consumers are uncertain about connectivity but they believe in it, they want it."......Full synapsis and video can be viewed here.

Robin Chase - What is fastest path to the Internet of Things?

"Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, is very interested in transition: how we get from where we are to this distant vision of Internet of things. She is very pragmatic on how we are going to pay for it, how we are going to build it and how we are going to innovate, make it happen. She starts talking about what the last advance of internet has been: collaborative production, one example being Re- Captcha. The example of Zipcar adds to this line of thought as she considers it Collaborative Consumption and Collaborative Infrastructure. Another interesting case of Collaborating Infrastructure that she discusses is Bed Sharing, going from the classical hotel to a more innovative solution, with a tremendous speed and scale, Couch Sharing. Under her view, Speed and Scale come from excess capacity brought to a unique platform that comes into all forms."......Full synapsis and video can be viewed here.

Adrian Wooldridge - Skepticism towards the "Internet of everything"

"Adrian Wooldridge, the Management Editor and 'Schumpeter' columnist for The Economist magazine wants to add a little bit of skepticism towards the “Internet of everything”, its future and applications. Adrian discusses the fact that it is hard to get service in the era of service, “If we remove human interaction it´s a false idea that we will serve them better”. He continues mentioning the utopianism of the world becoming more efficient: infrastructure is not there yet; also there is a lot of consumer resistance towards machines and technology, furthermore political and cultural resistance, and a large problem with privacy."......Full synapsis and video can be viewed here.

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