The Internet of Things holding its own at the Mobilize 2011 Conference

GigaOm's Mobilize 2011 Event took place from September 26-27th under the theme "Mobile is Everywhere. Opportunity is Everywhere" and the IoTplayed a role in the event with three related sessions:

Can invisible also be amazing? Designing fluid and connected experiences
By the CEO of Fjord - Olof Schybergson

Can we fall in love with things we can't see? As the bond between mobility and the cloud increases, we will need to design invisible and seductive service experiences. Device-to-cloud interactions will yield new products that will adapt to device capabilities and context. But as bright and attractive as the future might look, we have to consider the ethics of money-making in this new age. Who will own user data, and is pushing advertising going to ruin user experience?

View the talk online here.

The internet of things to come
By Mike Kuniavsky the CEO of ThingM and author of Smart Things: Ubiquitous Computing User Experience Design

Mike described the talk on his

However, when I thought about it, I saw that there was a trend. More than anything about technology or its use was a set of small steps in a variety of industries that added up to more than the sum of their parts. Specifically, I saw that six factors were pointing toward the beginning of an entrepreneurial ecosystem for hardware that had many of the key elements of Lean Startups which have proven to be a very successful model for creating new products and companies."

View the complete transcript of the talk on his site or watch the video here.

Infrastructure for the internet of things?

To enable an "Internet of things," we need an infrastructure that allows lots of little "things" to communicate with us and each other. The base technology is mostly here, but innovation will be needed to drive cost and scalability down. This includes existing business models. In this session, we assemble some of the leading pioneers, researchers and practitioners to explore what we need to do to enable this ecosystem, what early applications will drive uptake. and what opportunities there will be for technologists and investors.


Bo Begole - Principal Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Bill Geiser - CEO, Meta Watch

David Rose - CEO, Vitality

Timothy Twerdahl - VP, Product, WIMM Labs

View the talk online here.

Finally GigaOM covered the talks with two articles of their own:

Smart objects may talk, but will we listen? by Barb Darrow and The pieces are falling into place for an “internet of things”

Overall it was good to see the IoT getting this kind of platform and the speakers all presented a nice range of material and discussion items on the topic. You can track what others thought of the event with the hash tag #mobilizeconf.