TSB Future Internet Report

An extensive and forward thinking report by national innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), has put forward a persuasive argument for the development of a “future internet” which has the potential to transform the fabric of the UK’s business and society. The Future Internet Report identifies between £50 billion and £100 billion annual benefit to the UK but also stresses that further research and increased security in data protection are needed before this can become a reality.

The UK already has much of the infrastructure in place to realise huge savings in public expenditure, business opportunities and become a global leader in ICT with the adoption of a future internet. The report commissioned by the TSB’s ICT network, identifies exciting opportunities in the evolution of the present internet, with the possibility of connecting people with objects or machines and, in some cases, machines with other machines: an “internet of people and things.”

We are asking you people to join the Future Internet Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and to post your comments and views on the report. We’d also like to hear about research that is currently being conducted, in the UK especially, so that we can build on the data with events and other activities, such as our current “Internet of Things” Competition. For anyone not in the loop: The TSB is investing £500,000 in preparatory studies on strategies for moving towards a converged and open application and services marketplace in the Internet of Things. Following the preparatory studies, we will invest up to £4m in a competition for a demonstrator in 2012.

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