Social media could soon be the hottest fashion trend.

The latest invention from London-based CuteCircuit, in collaboration with Ballantine's, is a completely normal looking T-shirt filled with LEDs that can broadcast designs, messages and yes — your latest Facebook statuses and Tweets. Talk about self-expression.

TshirtOS: Tweets on a T-Shirt
TshirtOS: Tweets on a T-Shirt
TshirtOS: Tweets on a T-Shirt

The prototype T-shirt uses more than 1,000 LEDs arranged in a 32-by-32 grid and is controlled using a smartphone app.

But that's not all. In addition to the LED display, the 100 percent cotton T-shirt also features a camera, microphone, speaker and accelerometer.

While it's unclear if this is simply a viral marketing stunt, Engadget points out that CuteCircuit has a clean history of innovation and releasing products that are outside of the box. As of now, CuteCircuit and Ballantine aren't raising funds for the project via Kickstarter but are trying to gauge interest in taking the prototype into a real product here.

Want to see the T-shirt in action? Watch the official brainstorming video from CuteCircuit, or view Ballantine's promo video below.

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