turn your retweets into sweets with Molly

Turn your retweets into sweets with Molly

Foundry the research arm at Mint Digital has just released Molly, their follow up project to their smell producing robot Olly.

Taking a little different of approach to bringing your social networking world into your physical world Molly dishes out tasty little treats to you after your Twitter posts achieve a certain number of retweets (exact parameters and settings are managed with an app).

Currently both projects are up at Kickstarter looking for funding to bring them into the next stage of life (15 days to go as of 1/26/2012). $55.00 will get your own Molly and support:

1: Tooling the molds to make Olly’s outer case.

2: Further developing our app to include platforms like Facebook, Instagram and email.

3: Creating additional modules for Olly (like Molly).

The code and digital files for OllyFactory products will be released under a Creative Commons license and the team eventually wants to open up an Olly API in the future for future uses and apps.

Learn more about the project at: http://ollyfactory.com/ or visit the Kickstarter page directly


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