Waving at the Machines: James Bridle on the New Aesthetic

James Bridle as the closing keynote from this year's Web Directions South conference gave his talk titled "Waving at the Machines" speaking about the New Aesthetic.

"So what I’m going to talk today, obliquely, about is a project that I’ve been sort of accidentally engaged in for the last six months or so, to which I gave the name “The New Aesthetic,” which is a rubbish name but it seems to have taken hold. And people are responding to it, which is good. And I’m going to try and talk through some of the symptoms of that, this project, this way of seeing, that is itself about ways of seeing. And this talk is about the aesthetics of that. So this idea extends in all directions and through all forms in media and technologies. But because I have nice big screens here, I’m going to show you a lot of pictures of it."

The talk is embedded below, or you can view more examples on his Tumblr blog tracking the subject: http://new-aesthetic.tumblr.com/

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