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meMINI HD video camera with Recall, life is about highlights, let this video camera capture yours. Wi-Fi connection to our iOS and Android applications.

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The gift of hindsight

The wearable camera meMINI, which looks like it will easily meet its Kickstarter goal, claims to be “the world[’s] first wifi enabled wearable camera that allows you to handpick your favourite moments, after they happen.” Indeed, it does connect to WiFi, clings to your clothes with a magnetic clip, and records a constant loop of recent footage that can be saved to video at the touch of a button.

“World’s first,” though? Not so fast. Loop recording has been a feature of the Looxcie camera for several years, and the latest version adds wifi connectivity and -- you guessed it -- is designed to be wearable anywhere on your clothes or gear (previous versions sat on your ear and used Bluetooth). Still, there are reasons to prefer the meMINI, such as a wider field of view (140° vs 100°), 1080p HD recording (vs 720p), and longer battery life (3 hours vs 1.5).

Using meMINI is as simple as pressing the matchbox-sized camera’s only button to activate Recall, the feature that transfers video from the loop buffer to the 32 GB internal memory. The loop buffer is adjustable from 5 seconds up to 5 minutes, depending on what you’re trying to capture. Store a second loop within the buffer time and the two clips will be combined.

Clips can be retrieved later via USB, or sent directly to your phone or a cloud service over wifi -- meMINI plans to offer 2 GB of free storage, with paid upgrades. A smartphone app lets you immediately view and share videos, convert frames to still images, and change the camera’s settings.

meMINI’s case is dust- and water-resistant (not -proof!), and accomplishing this means that the memory and battery are not accessible. But as the production team continues refining the design, they’re working hard to maximize battery life while keeping the camera small and lightweight. And since the camera is designed to record short videos and share them more or less immediately, the internal storage shouldn’t be a limiting factor. Anyone recording longer videos probably wants a GoPro or other professional-grade camera.

Wearable Camera: meMINI
Wearable Camera: meMINI
Wearable Camera: meMINI

Look for meMINI to enter production in spring 2014 and deliver by June or July. To learn more, and see footage taken with a meMINI prototype, check out the video below.

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