A perceptive computing platform

Cara is small piece of software developed by New York based IMSVR that turns a simple video webcam into an intelligence gathering platform for the real-world.

The software can take the captured webcam images, analyze them, and identify demographic information like gender, age, group (ie, child, adult, etc) as well as engagement data like number of glances, attention time, or even if someone is drowsy or smiling.

WebCam Analytics: Cara
WebCam Analytics: Cara

The system can manage multiple people at one time in a video feed, and maintain accuracy from up to 25 feet away. In terms of privacy implications, the software does not capture any identifying images or video and the information is stored in a text log file.

So what kind of things could you use this type of technology for?

- Interactive toys that know when your child is engaged.
- Alerts in your car when you are showing signs of drowsiness.
- Retailers can get data on wait times in line and what age group was browsing the displays in the front of the store.
- Trigger events in a room based on a certain audience demographic.

More details about the software can be found at: or you can watch IMRSV founder and CEO Jason Sosa present the software in the video embedded below.

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