Weiser’s Vision: 20 Years Later IEEE Pervasive journal takes a look

In this quarter’s issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing they are commemorating the 20th anniversary of Mark Weiser’s seminal article, “The Computer for the 21st Century,” first published in Scientific American in September 1991.

Papers in the issue include:

Ubicomp Systems at 20: Progress, Opportunities, and Challenges: By Ramon Caceres, Adrian Friday

Abstract: This retrospective on 20 years of ubiquitous computing research identifies opportunities for leveraging utility computing and the Internet of Things to grow the ubicomp infrastructure, and discusses remaining challenges to taking ubicomp systems to where they indeed become ubiquitous.

Weiser's Vision: 20 Years Later IEEE Pervasive journal takes a look

Interacting with 21st-Century Computers: By Albrecht Schmidt, Bastian Pfleging, Florian Alt, Alireza Sahami, Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Abstract: This discussion reflects on four themes from Weiser’s original vision from a human-computer interaction perspective: computing everywhere, personal computing, the social dimension of computing, and privacy implications. The authors review developments both in accordance with and contrasting this vision.

From Context Awareness to Socially Aware Computing:By Paul Lukowicz, Alex “Sandy” Pentland, Alois Ferscha

Abstract: The new generation of smartphones has realized the early vision of context awareness. The next step is facilitating real-world impact of more complex recognition, moving toward next-generation opportunistic recognition configurations and large-scale ensembles of networked subsystems interacting with communities of users.

Pervasive Tabs, Pads, and Boards: Are We There Yet? By Maria R. Ebling, Mary Baker

Abstract: How far have we come with respect to commercial deployments of the devices Mark Weiser described? This review of Weiser’s vision evaluates the commercial success of tabs, pads, and boards and discusses their real-world use.

20 Years Past Weiser: What’s Next? By Alois Ferscha

Abstract: Over the past two decades, the pervasive computing field evolved through roughly three generations of research challenges. Now, the scientific community, in a new research agenda book, articulates next-generation research directions as the quest to attain Weiser’s vision continues.

Individual articles can be purchased for $19 from the journalsite directly. http://www.computer.org/portal/web/pervasive/home

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