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The only kid-friendly WIFI toy messenger. Use our free app to message Mailmen toys from your phone & your child can reply right back!


Toymail is a connected toy that allows a parent, sibling, or grandparent to remotely send a personalized message to a child in their life using any one of the 6 variations of "Mailmen" devices and a smartphone app.

Developed by MIT Media Lab Alum Gauri Nanda (also the creator of Clocky "the alarm that runs away") and Audry Hill, the WiFi enabled device has only two buttons on it. One to play a message and the other to reply.

A child can listen and respond with their own voice message and it will be delivered back to the sender's phone. Opening up the chance to have a fun two-way conversation with your child while you are away on a trip or at the office and have a quick break.

While it isn't always easy to get a meaningful conversation with a traditional phone call, you can guarantee to get a kid's attention through play.

The Mailmen checks for new messages every several minutes during the day and will send out a notification alert using whines, growls, or a snort from it's speakers.

WiFi Connected Toy: Toymail
WiFi Connected Toy: Toymail
New WiFi connected toy

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