The new way to comunicate with your plants

Designed to replace older irrigation systems that tend to waste resources by watering on a timed schedule regardless of whether or not your yard actually needs the moisture Fliwer is a "plant and play" management system for your lawn and garden.

The Fliwer sensors can be connected by either WiFi or 3G and enable a more refined level of control than traditional systems by empowering a user to remotely schedule and control their system from any web browser or smartphone, or by having the system automatically control water usage based on the weather forecast and your yards actual needs over time.

Once installed in different zones of your garden the sensors provide details on:

  • Temperature and humidity levels.
  • Advanced soil moisture levels based on volumetric water content (VWC)
  • The number of daylight hours the plant is receiving.
  • Information on fertilizer needs via measurements of the soils Electrical Conductivity.

The service's online "flower cloud" adds further tips and advice on particular plant species that you are growing and can send personalized alerts about the status of your garden as you request.

WiFi Irrigation: Fliwer
WiFi Irrigation: Fliwer
new wifi enabled irrigation system

More details on the Fliwer sensors can be found at: Fliwer.com or by watching an overview of the system in the video below.

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Image Credits: Inolve USA LLC