Upgrade your lights

"Upgrade your lights with Internet Apps."

While not a new concept with quite a few competitors on the Wifi Light market already and several funded directly via Kickstarter campaigns (Visualight, Lifx), A new project called Spark takes a slightly different approach by integrating connectivity not into the bulb but directly into a socket attachment.

Designed by Minneapolis based Spark Devices composed of Zach Supalla, Zac Crockett and Stephanie Rich the idea for the project was initiated by Zach who told Wired. “[The Spark Socket] was inspired by my dad, who’s deaf and uses lights for notification,”, “At first I wanted to solve a specific problem he has. Now that he uses a cell phone for text messaging, he’s very difficult to get a hold of when he’s at home and takes his phone out of his pocket. However, once I started working on it I realized that there was a lot of potential for broader uses by providing an open API.

A few of the suggested applications for the device include having a "sunrise" alarm clock that turns on your lights slowly to help you wake up in the morning, or a vacation app that manages your lights while you're away from home for security.

The Spark Socket fits in most lamps and light fixtures, and should work with any dimmable bulb you have lying around the house. The socket connects to your home Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) router and will include a RESTful API for developers to create integrations with.

The device is currently being sold for $59 a piece and you can find out more about the Smart Socket at: or by following it's development @sparkdevices.

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