Livescribe (Acquired by Anoto)

Livescribe (Acquired by Anoto) was the creator of a consumer smart pen.

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Livescribe (Acquired by Anoto)

Do you prefer brainstorming ideas and taking notes the old-fashioned way with pen and paper?

The new Sky pen from Livescribe allows you to do this but still get your scribbled notes to the cloud and on your mobile devices and tablets without having to dock or sync the pen like previous generation of "Smart Pen" devices.

The Sky is integrated tightly with the digital notebook service Evernote. Using the pen's OLED display to connect to your WiFi network the pen will then be listed among the notebooks you’ve created on the service (And sync to it when there is a connection). One downside of the system is you are required to use a proprietary Livescribe dot notebook (free with a pen purchase) in order for the full optical character recognition (OCR) of your handwriting to be read, searched and played back to you in a "pencast".

One additional ability of the pen that could come in handy is its audio recording capabilities. This feature opens the potential for teachers or presenters to create online screencasts by simply writing normally and narrating as they go, or give new accuracy to note taking by having a recording of the lecture to refer back to.

Public and collaborative note sharing is another use case that comes to mind for the technology in the future.

Wifi Smart Pen: Sky

The pen will currently run you $170, with a free 500mb of Evernote storage. You can pick one up for yourself here or watch one of their promo videos below for more details.

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