Cocoon just might represent a literal “new wave” in smart home security: sound waves. Specifically infrasound: frequencies that are too low for human ears to pick up on, but which can tell an appropriately-tuned device a lot about the goings-on in a home.

Vibrations in the infrasound range let Cocoon “see” what’s happening throughout a house, from the opening of a door down the hall to a person moving around in another room or on another floor. By combining infrasound with audible noise and motion sensors, plus residents’ online schedules and the presence or absence of their smartphones, Cocoon’s designers say the device can learn which activities are normal and which are out of place -- even for homes with pets or noisy neighbors.

Unusual activities trigger an alert, complete with live audio and video, which is pushed to residents (or trusted backup contacts) via a mobile app. The app also allows users to check in on the home remotely at any time -- anyone in the house will know it’s happening thanks to sound and LED indicators, and the feature can be disabled entirely while folks are home.

Cocoon’s design team includes a number of folks with experience in data security, and they’ve taken a few additional steps to protect users’ privacy and data. Though Cocoon is always listening and watching for unusual activity, the stream of data is processed right on the device so recordings of “normal” activity never reach the cloud. Video and audio of abnormal events does go through cloud servers, but is encrypted with 256-bit AES keys that live only locally on the users’ mobile devices. Cocoon also maintains a “heart-beat” connection with the cloud servers just to say that the device is active, so if the power goes out (Cocoon relies on an outlet), users will still receive an alert.

WiFi Sound Security: Cocoon

Though the designers have promised to open Cocoon’s APIs so it can integrate with other smart home products, for now they’re shying away from making a firm commitment to specific platforms like IFTTT, HomeKit, or SmartThings. The device also packs in temperature sensors for environmental monitoring and WiFi for its connectivity.

Cocoon’s Indiegogo campaign met its funding target quickly, and runs another 30 days (through Dec. 7). Visit or watch the video below to learn more.

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