Can you remembering everything about all the wine you own? Do you update that knowledge continuously? Can you slice through multiple dimensions of that information instantly? Do you know the second a bottle has been removed from your wine rack?

WineM is an information tracking system that makes all wine information always accessible and updatable. It knows what wine is in the rack, and where it is, without requiring you to consult paper logs or spreadsheets. A custom walnut radio frequency tag uniquely identifies each bottle, while readers in every cell locate it.

With WineM, a rack owner no longer has to choose a single organizational scheme. WineM dynamically organizes the wine it holds in any combination of year, region, price, appellation, etc. In addition, the rack knows in less than a second when any bottle has been removed, and can contact its owner by email or text page, or trigger an alarm.

A handheld browser commands the rack to display multiple types of information and cold, full-color LED lights illuminate every bottle in different colors based on the result.

For example, a collector planning a dinner party could specify they want to see all of their 2003 Napa Merlot wines whose current market value exceeds $50. WineM will light up just the bottles that match those criteria.


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