Prototype of BOND App interface for  BOND Couples bracelet touch

BOND - Couples Connectivity

stay in touch

BOND is a pair of tiny touch modules that can be worn as a pendant necklace or attached to a simple rubber bracelet. You put one of the Bluetooth enabled modules on and give the other to a friend or partner to wear. Subtle messages can be sent between the two through a simple touch from anywhere in the world.

Developed by London based agency Kwamecorp the BOND uses your smartphone's connectivity along with a built-in capacitive touch sensor, accelerometer, vibration motor and LED light to send the customized messages.

The most basic function is a simple "tickle" where one user taps and holds the device from 1 to 5 seconds to pass a vibration and LED color to the other user. A companion app manages all of the settings, while any of your smartphone's standard system notifications can be forwarded to the device for interactions (e.g. vibrate for 3 seconds when I receive a call from a family member, glow green when you need to leave the house for your office commute). Utilizing integration with Google Maps a message can also be dropped onto a specific geographic location to be later discovered by the other user as they pass by.

The Kwamecorp team sees the touch and vibration module as the first in a series of modules that can be chained together (using the magnetic end connectors) to expand the functionality of the system. A health module that can monitor heart rate for a wearer is in development and a voice and camera module are also in the product's roadmap.

Bluetooth Couples Bracelet: BOND

Update: The Bond Bracelet has an undetermined shipping date at this point. If you are still interested please fill out the form below.

Need something now? We have added details on the next best thing you can start using today.


Step 1: For Women

Pickup a Ringly Ring


- All Ringly rings offer customized notifications through 4 vibration patterns and 5 light colors.
- Uses hand-cut gemstones, each with a distinct appearance.
- Set your notification preferences using the Ringly app -- details in Step 3...

Battery: Ring should last 24–48 hours before needing to be recharged via USB outlet that is built into Ringbox

Step 2: For Men/Partner

Looking to have a wearable yourself? Unfortunately there are very few out there for men that have good reviews yet. We are keeping our eye out here.

Step 3: Connect:

1) Download top rated couples app: Between:

Itunes (4.7 with 3500+ reviews)
Google Play (4.5/5 with 308,532+ review)

2) Download Ringly App from Itunes or Google Play

- Setup Ringly notifications between the two apps using these instructions / video

All set: Your partners jewelry will now vibrate or light up with your custom notifications.