Investing in Internet of Things Stocks

What companies and categories are going to best capture this emerging trend? We look at a variety of tickers across verticals and their potential growth numbers.

So you are buying into the IoT Hype of billions of connected devices and trillions in economic impact.

So how exactly do you invest in the "Internet of Things" given its nebulous nature and ability to touch wide ranging industries?

The following Channel Guide will:

  • Narrow down a list of which technologies and industries are best poised to capture the IoT growth.
  • Understand how the industries big players (CSCO, IBM, etc) have held up to the market disruption so far.
  • Give you a range of resources to help you better understand the trend and its future trajectory to capture top growth stocks.

- If you are looking for VC funding rounds or IoT Startup incubators please visit our IoT Investment page.
- A list of companies focused on the IoT with over a billion dollars in market cap can be found here.

Publicly Traded Companies

A listing of IoT related stocks being traded on public markets


Research articles on which stocks to pick to capture IoT potential growth and market impact.

Market Leaders

An overview of what companies are market leaders in each of their verticals

IoT Semiconductors Market Leaders

Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI)
- IoT Offerings
- Aquired Linear Technology (NASDAQ: LLDC) for $14.8B - 7/26/2016 - Article

Microchip (NASDAQ: MCHP)
- IoT Offerings
- Aquired Atmel (NASDAQ: ATML) for $3.6B - 1/19/2016 - Article

Avago Technologies -- Now named Broadcom Ltd (NASDAQ: AVGO)
- Acquired Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM) for $37B - 5/28/2015 - Article

NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI)
- IoT Offerings
- Acquired Freescale (NYSE: FSL) for $11.8B - 3/2/2015 - Article

Marvell Technology Group Ltd (NASDAQ: MRVL)
- IoT Offerings

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: CY)
- IoT Offerings
- Acquired Broadcom's IoT Offerings for $550M - 6/16/2016 - Article

Additional Acquisitions in market:

  • ARM Holdings (NASDAQ: ARMH) - Acquired by SoftBank Group Corp TYO: 9984 - $32B - 7/18/2016 - Article

Telecoms: IoT Connectivity

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA)verizon stock
- IoT Offerings
- Acquired iControl Networks on June 23rd 2016

- IoT Offerings

Verizon Communications Inc.(NYSE: VZ)
- IoT Offerings

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)
- IoT Offerings

Additional resources

Additional Articles:


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