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Filter, Export and Analyze the companies capturing the most value in the exploding IoT market.

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IoT Stock Tracker Database


A live database that contains stock tickers, exchanges, market cap, annual revenue and links to charts for all IoT related publicly traded companies.


  • 150+ Publicly traded companies active in the IoT market
  • Drill down on their acquisition activity
  • Get all the information on the company we have in the full database subscription
  • Categorized based on market and tech map
  • Export to JSON, CSV or TXT
  • Filter and export based on industry or any custom parameters you want
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Customize to your needs

Drill down based on Exchange location, filter by category and export your results

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Built on-top of our market and tech database. Drill down based on the industries you think the IoT will make the biggest impact in.

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Company Details

View company annual revenues, market cap, along with our other company profiles details included in our full database.

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