Smart Greenhouse Remote Monitoring Systems

Find and compare available smart greenhouse monitoring systems. Monitor and control temperature and moisture remotely from your iPhone and Android device.

The following Channel Guide will help you:

  • Filter based on price and sensor type (temperature, moisture, etc)
  • Get app reviews, and see if the software can work with your Android or iOS phone, or your current automation system.
  • Narrow down on selection based on technology and skill to setup - Fully automated to DIY based on Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Commercial Smart Greenhouse Systems

Sensaphone Sensaphone

"For more than 30 years, Sensaphone has been providing remote monitoring devices and sensors for industrial greenhouses….instruments that detect...

Growtronix Growtronix

"The Growtronix system can monitor nearly every aspect of an indoor garden. The system is modular in design. This means that you can locate...

Monnit Greenhouse Monitoring Monnit Greenhouse Monitoring

"Monnit can help you monitor and maintain the proper mix of temperature, humidity and light for your greenhouses. The Monnit Remote Monitoring...

Greenhouse Monitoring Software

Climate Manager Climate Manager

"he Climate Manager™ program takes into consideration outside weather conditions, such as solar radiation, outside temperature, rain, and wind...

SmartPar SmartPar

"SmartPAR Controller and the SmartPAR software, you’re allowed the freedom and versatility of setting lighting schedules and creating multiple...

GrowLink GrowLink

"From the convenience of your office, home, or anywhere that you travel, you will be able to monitor your entire greenhouse operation. You may...

Dat-A-Control Dat-A-Control

"Dat-A-Control is the name of the standardized software package from Logiqs which offers growers complete control over logistic processes, while...

DIY & Open Source

Intel Edison and AWS Greenhouse Intel Edison and AWS Greenhouse

"Smart Greenhouse is a greenhouse with sensors and actuators. The sensors and actuators are connected to Intel Edison based micro controller. The...

Raspberry Pi Vivarium Controller Raspberry Pi Vivarium Controller

"The Raspberry Pi Vivarium Controller can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection and a web browser. You may also keep it private on...

Arduino Greenhouse Arduino Greenhouse

"The greenhouse is about what you’d expect to see at a nursery, except the footprint is somewhere around 10’x10′. It’s a stick-built frame with...

Arduino Greenhouse Control - Humidity and... Arduino Greenhouse Control - Humidity and...

By RichardP4 "This project will regulate the humidity and temperature of any greenhouse through the use of heaters and fans. Additional tutorials...

GardenBot GardenBot

"GardenBot is an open source garden monitoring system. The ultimate goal of the GardenBot project is to be a complete garden monitoring and...

Smart Home Hydroponic Systems


"Niwa is the easiest way to grow the freshest, healthiest plants and produce available."


  • WiFi Connectivity and Automated Irrigation/Lighting Control
  • Automated Growing Programs - Ability to experiment with parameters and share results with community
  • 3 Sizes and a 110 and 220 volt versions

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