An Open Internet of Things

In March of 2011, Usman Haque and Ed Borden of Pachube (now Cosm) introduced an "Internet of Things Bill of Rights" via a blog post and corresponding article in Volume Magazine in an attempt to "build up consensus around what we urban citizens should expect of the data that is being gathered, and will be gathered more insistently, by devices, sensors and monitors in our high-growth massively networked cities"

It’s clear that our growing cities of massive sensor networks will bring with them all sorts of weird, wonderful and worrying data shadows. We want to find a way we can all be a part of the process of defining what that data is, how it is collected and what is done with it

This conversation has continued to progress through a hundred member strong google group and now into a new stage of development via the Open Internet of Things Assembly. This two day event being held June 16-17th in London will feature a lineup of speakers (Adam Greenfield, Rob van Kranenburg, Russell Davies, and Usman Haque (and others)) that will set the stage for a range of workshop sessions to define specific aspects of Open Data as it applies to the Internet of Things.

The end result of these conversations will be a core set of principles and a framework document that will hopefully become a new industry standard that companies and communities can use in shaping their data policies for networked objects in the coming years.

Postscapes is a big supporter of this Open IoT vision and will be highlighting the projects and companies that support the document and its principles. As part of this involvement I have been working with Cosm, the Assembly team, and other IoT companies to create a working document to be used as a base for the workshop discussions and we could use your input on the latest version.

If you believe this movement is as important a part of a making a truly innovative Internet of Things as we do there are a few ways to get involved in these early stages:

I'm looking forward to hearing your input and thanks to all that have participated in the discussions so far (, EVRYTHNG, IoBridge, Manybots, Joost Patel, Nathan Cravens and the Open Manufacturing Group, Linkedin Quantified Self group, and of course all of the Open IoT Members)