Articulated Surface

Articulated Surface is a project created by three students (Justine Holzman, Ji Park and Luke Venable) for their Responsive Systems course at LSU's Landscape Architecture program. The proposal uses real-time data from the Atchafalaya River Basin to create a dynamic art installation and public space in the city of Baton Rouge.

Articulated Surface project by Justine Holzman

The design represents a data visualization of dissolved oxygen [DO] content using a dynamic surface and light system that responds and adjusts to the data. Some factors that influence the structure and contribute to high and low areas of dissolved oxygen include the river's water temperature, stage height, current velocity and water depth.

"A relationship would form between the state of the structure and the time of day, time of month, seasonal changes, flood pulses and water stage height. Areas amplified by current velocity and higher levels of DO would create pathways for pedestrian movement and open areas for gathering in the public space".

Learn more about the project at, or download the teams initial brief here (pdf)

Image Credits: Justine Holzman, Ji Park and Luke Venable, Louisiana State University

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