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Toronto-based startup Bionym has announced "Nymi", their first device on the market that uses electrocardiogram technology (ECG), Bluetooth connectivity and a suite of sensors to recognize your heart rhythm and securely and continuously log you into your nearby devices.

Using a "3-factor security" system (your Nymi wristband, your unique heartbeat, and your smartphone or other authorized device) you can stay authenticated to your computer, smartphone, connected door locks, etc until you take your Nymi off at the end of the day.

You might be wondering what happens when you exercise or have an elevated heartbeat? According to the company the overall shape of your ECG is not impacted enough by simple frequency changes and the system can still track your unique signature.

The Nymi also adds an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope to enable gesture controls and the targeting of specific connected items. How could this be used in your daily life? Say you need to put some groceries in your locked car, with Nymi you can simply walk to the back of your car and raise your arm to unlock the car and automatically pop the trunk. Trying to juggle unlocking the front door with those same groceries? With a wireless door lock and Nymi just turn your wrist to the right as you get close to your door and it will securely unlock for you.

Bluetooth Biometric Bracelet: Nymi

More details about the device and security tech can be found at: Getnymi.com/ or in the team's product promo video embedded below.

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