Natalia Project

Assault alarm system for human rights defenders

In 2009, human rights activist Natalia Estemirova was kidnapped and later found murdered in Chechnya. In part of honoring her and the incident the Swedish organization Civil Rights Defenders is launching the Natalia Project. At the heart of the idea lies a GPS and GSM equipped wristband that when triggered or is forcibly removed will send out an alert and location information to warn that its wearer could be in danger.

When a distress signal is sent out, Civil Rights Defenders will validate the signal, alert local personal, and notify those who signed up to monitor the bracelets of individual rights workers via social media so that they can help quickly spread any information and add international visibility to the aid workers condition. The group hopes the bracelet will also act as a deterrent to an incident occurring in the first place.

"The Natalia Project makes it easy for anyone to contribute to the safety of human rights defenders to allow them to carry on their crucial work, either showing strength in numbers, by ‘liking’ or following on social media, or by donating directly to support the ongoing work,” says Robert Hårdh, Executive Director of Civil Rights Defenders.

GPS Bracelet For Aid Workers: Natalia Project

Currently, just 5 of the bracelets have been deployed but the group is seeking additional donations so they can eventually launch the project on a wider scale.

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