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Internet of Things Awards

Take a tour of some of the best companies and products from the emerging Internet of Things


Past Awards

A look back at the previous Postscapes' IoT Awards seasons

2015/16 IoT Awards

CategoriesEditors ChoicePeople's ChoiceRunner-Up

Best DIY Project

VinduinoThe Internet of LegoDIY LoRA Gateway

Best Open Source Project

Casa JasminaNetBeastDSA

Best Design Fiction Project

Ethical ThingsObjects of ResearchBlack Mirror

Biggest Social Impact

Babybe Bionic MattressEkoor Green IoTNeom


ESP8266Onion OmegaRE-Mote
Hardware ApplicationCooler IoT

Software & Tools

Reality EditorBlynkEurotech Everyware Software Framework

IoT Connectivity

NB-IoT SpecSemtech LoRAArkessa Connect

IoT Cloud Platform

ThingPlusAyla IoT Platform

Technical Innovation

EthereumNetvibes Dashboard of ThingsTerbine Data Marketplace

Connected Body Product

Deus Ex AriaFusar MohawkFeverScout

Connected Kid Product

4moms Car SeatChild AngelFeverScout

Connected Home Product

leakSMARTStringify AppGarageio

Connected Car Application

Hi-Park One-to-ManyBestMileVenli

Connected Energy Application

Cozy: Radiator LabsSunPortAyyeka Wavelets

Smart City Application

EverImpactThingPlusThe Things Network

Connected Enterprise Application

Concrete SensorsScanalytics Floor SensorsJoan Assistant

2014/15 IoT Awards

CategoryEditors ChoicePeople's ChoiceRunner-Up

Best DIY Project

Oxford Flood NetworkMEG (Micro Experimental Growing)Connected Birdhouse

Best Open Source Project


Best Design Fiction Project

Addicted ProductsVoice BoothParasitic Products

Biggest Social Impact

Smart Citizen ProjectOpen Source BeehivesNexleaf's ColdTrace

Technical Enabler: Device & Hardware

Thingsee OneTI CC2541mbed OS

Technical Enabler: Network Services

LoRa Product FamilySigFox NetworkM2M Air Mobile

Technical Enabler: Platform and Tools


Technical Enabler: Application Enablement

Node RedJubitoDGLux5

Best Connected Home Product

Tado ACBuildTrackSensorFlare

Best Connected Body Product

Vital Connect Health PatchZebra MotionWorksHexoskin

Top Connected Retail Application


Top Connected Transportation Application

WeatherCloudLocal MotionDecentLabs Bridge Monitoring

Top Smart City Application

Array of ThingsBigBelly Waste MangementKiunsys

Top Connected Industry/Enterprise Application

FarmobileCondeco SenseDAQRI Smart Helmet

Event of the Year

IoT World ForumLiveWorx

CEO of the Year

Ben Kaufman: QuirkyJames Heppelmann: PTCDr Gary Butler: Camgian Microsystems

Acquisiton of the Year

PTC: Axeda/ThingworxPTC: Axeda/ThingworxZebra / Motorola Solutions

VC of the Year

Shasta Ventures: Rob ConeybeerR/GA AcceleratorCisco Investments

Alliance / Consortium of the Year

Bluetooth SIGAllSeen AllianceOpen Interconnect Consortium

Partner & Ecosystem Builder


Fastest Rising IoT Startup


Must-Follow IoT Company


2013/14 IoT Awards

CategoryEditors ChoicePeople's ChoiceRunner-Up

Connected Home Product


Connected Body Product

Angel SensorNymiPush

Smart City Application

BitlockPlacemeterHello Lamp Post

Enterprise Application

HyGreenArgonST Underground Mining SafetyRändivoo

Technical Enabler

Raspberry PiTST and TSmarT PlatformZatar Platform

Social Impact


Networked Art

MIMIinFORMChicago Faces

Design Fiction Project

Counting Sheep1:1Her

DIY Project

Fukushima WheelData Sensing LabConnected Birthday Card

Open Source Project

Thing SystemAllJoynRasWik

Breakout Startup


Must-Follow Company


2012/13 IoT Awards

CategoryEditors ChoicePeople's ChoiceRunner-Up

Connected Body Product

Basis Smart WatchRest Devices (Now Mimo)FitBit One

Connected Home Product


Smart City Application

MotionLoftStreetLine ParksiteSmart City Wasmotes

Environmental Application

AirCastingBumbleBee ProjectAir Quality Egg

Enterprise Application

SightMachineSenseAwareProject Grizzly

DIY Project

Kijani GrowsAPDuinoOpen Energy Monitor

Open Source Project

TinyDuinoEveCooking Hacks: e-Health Sensor Platform

Networked Art Project

Tardigotchi2.4GhzConnecting Light

Design Fiction Project

Corner ConvenienceEar HackingPareidolic Robot

2011/12 IoT Awards

CategoryEditors ChoicePeople's ChoiceRunner-Up

Consumer Product

Nest ThermostatRymble By SymplioOlly

DIY Project

Homesense BikemapTide monitoring and alerting with ioBridge@AlarmaSismos Earthquake Alarm

Networked Art

Electronic CountermeasuresImmaterials: Light Painting WiFiTele-Present Water

Design Fiction

Tableau: Physical emailSong of the MachineUrbanflow Helsinki

Open Source Project

Rascal MicroArduinoNanode

Self Tracking Product

Health Graph APIDigi Energy Day TraderVitality Glowcaps

Enterprise Implementation

Streetline ParksiteSenseawareTankVista

Environmental Implementation

Sierra Nevada Snowpack Sensor project@AlarmaSismosDIY Radiation Detection

Technical Development

IPv6 RolloutParaimpuSenseTale