Now in its 5th year, the Internet of Things Awards honors the year's best products, organizations and ideas shaping the IoT.

Technical Enabler

Well-designed technology may be indistinguishable from magic, but that belies all the hard work and creativity that went on under the hood. The Technical Enabler awards acknowledge the elements that make it easier for everyone, from garage hobbyists to tech giants, to develop new products and services for the Internet of Things.

Broad Stroke

Some products come pre-assembled, batteries included; others are made to be tinkered with. This category of products goes to those projects pushing the boundaries of connected technologies on their own terms or for the greater good.

Vertical Applications

From enhancing playtime to improving our bodies/homes/ factories, networked devices are making our lives safer, smarter, and more connected.

Business Innovators

​Far more than a scattering of standalone products, the Internet of Things is a tightly-woven fabric in which lots of products and services work together. The Business Innovator Awards go to organizations leading the way in champion cooperation and interoperability.