London's Plunge Project

Although static in its display the Plunge Project by artist Michael Pinsky is a colorful example of using civic space and data to engage the public in a conversation by showing Londoners what their city and landmarks will look like when covered by the expected water levels of 3111.

Twenty-eight meters was chosen from looking at scenarios which have been set out in the science,” Pinsky said. “While it may be very unpredictable, it is commonly agreed that if the ice caps melt, the world could see sea level rises as high as 65 meters above current sea level … We went on the safer side of these predictions at 28 meters, so they are levels which are not unrealistic.

A collobrative effort between the artists, Artsadmin and London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) Blue LED rings will be wrapped around famous London monument's Duke of York Column, the Paternoster Square Column and the Seven Dials Sundial Pillar and invites us to "look again at some of the monuments in the capital, to think about their history and how to protect their future."

London's Plunge Project

Image Credit: ©Julian Andrews & Kristian Buus

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