PharmaWatch offers a pharmaceuticals and vaccines monitoring solution.

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Wireless monitoring for critical cold storage environments

PharmaWatch is a cloud-based service for ensuring that vaccines and other pharmaceuticals are stored under safe conditions.

Protecting medicines partly means preventing any breaks in the “cold chain” through malfunctioning refrigerators or sloppy handling. But it can be even more important that medicines don’t get too cold—according to research published in the journal Vaccine, accidental freezing is the largest source of vaccine loss. Humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and air pressure differentials inside the fridge can also make a difference in how long a medicine can be stored and how effective it will be when it’s used.

And these conditions need to monitored as often as possible. The CDC’s guidelines on vaccine storage recommend checking in on storage equipment at least twice a day. But as another government resource puts it: “Refrigerator temperature is NOT a single point measurement!” The values can fluctuate over the course of a day as the doors are opened and the fridge goes in and out of its cooling cycle, so unless data is collected constantly and stored securely, an unhealthy spike or drop in temperature could go unnoticed.

Medical Storage Monitoring: PharmaWatch

To make things simple, PharmaWatch’s Sentinel NEXT sensor can be installed on just about any refrigeration unit. It provides several government-certified probes that can track the conditions of the medicines inside, and connects over Wi-Fi to report the encrypted data to the PharmaWatch cloud service. Each sensor includes a 14-day battery backup and internal data storage so it can keep working through power outages or network disruptions.

For healthcare providers and storage facilities, PharmaWatch is appealing because it requires very little on-site infrastructure—aside from the sensors themselves, everything lives in the cloud. A web portal makes all of the data accessible through detailed charts and graphs, and lets users set up alerts and receive push notifications. The platform is frequently updated to include new regulations at the state or federal level, and helps users to streamline the process of building compliance reports and handling audits.

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