Meet Brad

I would like to introduce you to Brad. He is a toaster and a member of a new breed of networked "addicted products" created by Simone Rebaudengo and Haque design+research that explore some new ground rules for their use:

  • You don’t buy one, you ask for one, and try to convince it that you are a good candidate.
  • You don’t own them, they test you, and decide if you are a good host.
  • You don’t share them, they share themselves if they are not happy with you.

Today Brad is feeling "pretty useless compared to the other toasters" where he is sitting currently at the Pachube office and if they don't start giving him a fix they could end up being placed on the networks “black toast list” and losing him to someone else better suited to his needs.

Object Agency: Meet Brad
Object Agency: Meet Brad

Follow along with the project developments at: or see if you can convince Brad (@BradToaster) or one of his brothers and sisters to come over to your place at:

Image Credits: Simone Rebaudengo and Haque design+research

The video below shows how sometimes they can get anxious when another toaster is in use and they are sitting idle, and this clip shows a way in which you can soothe them when they are agitated.


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