Open Internet of Things Assembly

On June 16th-17th 2012 the Open Internet of Things Assembly was held in London featuring a range of talks and workshops to collaborate and share visions for what an “Open Internet of Things” would look like.

Talks were made by: Usman Haque, Adam Greenfield, Rob Van Kranenburg, Russell Davies, Laura James (Slides), and Gavin Starks.

Breakout groups (Planet, City, Home, Body, and Privacy, Accessiblity, Control, Tools) were led by: Charalampos Doukas, Francesca Bria, Georgina Voss, Nicolas Villar, Peter Bihr, and Saul Alberts.

The two day event culminated in the production and signing of a statement by 85 participants focused on the groups key principles/goals of an Open IoT: Accessibility of data, Timeliness of access, Preservation of privacy, Transparency of process and licensing provisions of data.

The complete statement and a list of signed participants can be found here.

Initiative Background:

Internet of Things “Bill of Rights”:

Pachube published this attempt at a Bill of Rights for the Internet of Things as a starting point and the event is a continuation and expansion of that idea.

  • People own the data they (or their “things’) create.
  • People own the data someone else creates about them.
  • People have the right to access data gathered from public space.
  • People have the right to access their data in full resolution in real-time.
  • People have the right to access their data in a standard format.
  • People have the right to delete or backup their data.
  • People have the right to use and share their data however they want.
  • People have the right to keep their data private.

Version 1.5: Google Group’s Working Doucument

Core Framework
We want to build a trust network in which citizens, developers, businesses and cities can contribute to a sustainable data future via an open data delivery and discoverability framework.

  • We believe that data generated from public space (not governed by other statutes) should be made available for use.
  • We believe that customers enter relationships with vendors as independent actors and data collected for/from/about them is available for their use, with a right of action.

This approach must be based on principles that support the efficient exchange of timely and accurate information and the protection of choice and privacy:

Agreement Principles

  • Accessibility: We will publish data in an industry standard format
  • Timeliness: We will release data in real-time and at full resolution
  • Privacy: We will not distribute data that contains PII (personally identifiable information) unless explicitly permitted
  • Control: We will allow the deleting and exporting of all data stored by a user
  • Licensing: Users may explicitly grant legal permission for use and sharing of their data on a gradient from private to public domain

Additional background:

Resource Directory:

Resource Google Doc

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