4Duino: 2.4-inch touchscreen, Arduino, and ESP8266 WiFi

“At the heart of 4Duino-24 is an ATmega32U4 8-bit micro controller from Atmel. The same microcontroller is found on popular Arduino Leonardo. 4Duino-24 features a 2.4” colour TFT LCD display, with resistive touch. It is powered by the feature-rich 4D Systems Picaso Graphics Processor, which offers an array of display functionality and options for any Designer/ Maker. In addition, the 4Duino-24 features the popular ESP8266 Wi-Fi module which is pre-programmed with the AT command set firmware, enabling the 4Duino-24 to have many Wi-Fi capabilities right out of the box.

The 4Duino-24 also features an on-board microSD connector, and headers in the layout of an Arduino, including power pins (5V, 3.3V, GND and VIN), 20 digital IO pins, of which 7 can be used PWM outputs and 12 pins have Analog input capabilities.”

4Duino: 2.4-inch touchscreen
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