A Taste of D-Vine: The Digital Sommelier

The D-Vine Connect from the French startup 10-Vins is a simple and elegant way for anyone to serve the perfect, personalized, glass of wine without any of the hassle.

The machine’s touch screen and AI learning features helps wine lovers match the perfect wine to their meal, and pours it for them at the correct temperature and aeration for the fullest flavor.

The machine uses RFID tags embedded in the custom single-serving bottles to determine the proper serving conditions for the wine, adjusts the temperature and aeration to match, and provides the user with an expertly poured glass of wine in less than 45s.

Thanks to its AI, the D-Vine will learn your tastes over time and adjust its recommendations accordingly – it will even suggest which wines you ought to order next and, with your approval have them shipped to your door.



A Taste of D-Vine: The Digital Sommelier
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