Accenture Acquires Product Design and Innovation Company, Altitude

Jan 16 2017

On Monday, January 9th, Accenture acquired Altitude, a Boston-based product design and innovation firm, with the purpose of combining both companies’ strengths to give Accenture an advantage in the rapidly growing IoT connected products and services market.

Altitude is known for its effective strategies of analyzing consumer insight in order to develop new products and services to meet demands as they arise, and will be a valuable asset when combined with Accenture’s vast and varied industry expertise.

Altitude Product Page

Acquisitions have been a key component of Accenture’s growth over the past couple years. With 12 acquisition deals completed or signed in 2016 and 21 takeovers in 2015. For example in Dec of 2015 Accenture acquired Cimation, a Houston based IIoT consulting firm.

With these strategic investments the company has been able to diversify its product portfolio widely and access new and emerging IoT markets.

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+ Accenture plans to establish a Connected Products Studio in Boston.

+ Only 27% of businesses have a strategy in place when it comes to IoT innovation, giving Accenture a definite advantage when moving into the market.

+ According to an Accenture spokesperson, all 30 employees of Altitude will join Accenture.

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