Amberbox: Business Safety Sensors

Aug 25 2016

"The Ambrbox detector utilises a patented gunshot detection algorithms to respond immediately following a firearm discharge.

Utilising combined audio and infrared detection algorithm, the detector is able to determine the firearm signature instantly with a near-zero false alarm rate. Upon activation, the detector alerts the first responders through our reporting network, and can link to a access control system to initiate lockdown. It can also sounds an alarm signal throughout the detector network if desired as part of a response plan."

As a result lives police response times are reduced by up to 63% and the buildings owners can avoid negligence lawsuits

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+ Company has raised a 120k Seed round through Y Combinator

+ Each detector covers between 1000 – 2000 sqft

+ Offered as a hardware as a service model: The devices cost $50 per month (approximately $1,250 per three-story building)

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