Bike Swarm

Designed for bikers participating in CRITICAL MASS events BikeSwarm is a DIY project designed to help cyclists synchronize through traffic.

Created by Michelle Ferrell, Julio Rodriguez and tteague for the Houston monthly event, the setup uses an ATT starter kit at the core of the project which comes with a WNC shield and SIM card and PubNub’s cluod service. The ATT hotspot connects to several sensor nodes (Particle Photon and Wio) where they gather data and sync with other riders via a centralized chat application.

The SWARM app is a Chatbot that supports the following commands:

  • INFO – Get latest ride details
  • ALL – Turns all LEDS on for 5 seconds
  • ALL ON – Turns all LEDS on
  • ALL Off – Turns all LEDS off
  • PHOTON – Turns all Photon Group LEDS on for 5 seconds
  • WIO – Turns all Photon Group LEDS on for 5 seconds
  • SENSORS – Get all sensor values (Humidity, Air Quality, UV Light, etc)
  • PLOT [LATITUDE] [LONGITUDE] – Save data to M2X and update EON Map


More details about the project can be found on the Hackster project page.

Bike Swarm
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