Biolock: Continuous Authentication

Biolock is an identity verification system from SoftServe that uses your electrical heart signals along with electrodes embedded into a steering wheel, door lock, cell phone cover, etc to identify and authenticate users and unlock connected devices.

All authentication is made by a Neural Network (Tensor Flow) previously programmed to identify ECG signals of certain users. Once contacted the sensors signals are processed and sent to a mobile phone via Bluetooth for authentication.

Freight marketplace Overhaul has integrated the system for continuous driver authentication and health monitoring into Overhaul’s high-value-freight platform. Juan Turruellas, EVP of World Wide Business Development for SoftServe, notes BioLock “will not only protect sensitive data, it can also protect a variety of corporate assets from theft, in this particular case, vehicle theft as unidentified users will be unable to start the engine.”


Softserve Biolock Video Overview
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