Bolt IoT platform raises $40K in crowdfunding from its Kickstarter campaign

Dec 02 2017

Bolt, an integrated IoT hardware kit comprising of Bolt WiFi chip, Module, Cloud, mobile apps, and APIs launched its Kickstarter campaign and raised $40,000 pledged of $10K goal through 875 backers.

A key differentiation of Bolt from other IoT kits is the former’s cloud platform has machine learning algorithms that users can run on their sensor data. The other aspect is that Bolt has ‘packaged’ the IoT development hardware and software in a way that lets developers launch a project from zero using the Bolt solution.

Bolt Hardware

The Kickstarter offers by Bolt starts from the basic $17 Bolt IoT platform and upsells to a $650 "legendary kit". Typical use cases of Bolt platform are home automation, temperature monitoring, soil monitoring, and other real-time monitoring use cases.

Smartphone App

A complete feature list of the platform can be accessed on Bolt’s campaign page. The product is primarily aimed towards makers, hobbyists, and developers planning to build an IoT product (with ML capabilities baked in). Third party services like Twilio, Mailgun, Zapier, and IFTTT can be appended to Bolt and lets developers make custom made alert/notification systems.

More Details


+ The Bolt has an in-built visualization/analytics layer in the platform that lets developers use the baseline capabilities and develop a custom made reporting/visualization solution for their app.

+ Bolt’s devices can be updated remotely as an OTA (Over The Air) software update.

+ The in-built ML algorithms of Bolt platform can be used for anomaly detection.

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