Brambles Establishes BXB Digital to Break Into IoT Market

On February 22nd, Brambles announced the establishment of BXB Digital, a team based in Silicon Valley and led by Prasad Srinivasamurthy. The team’s purpose will be to investigate and implement industrial Internet of Things technology into the company’s assets, which include over 500M pieces of unit-load equipment like pallets, containers and crates that they hope to embed with sensors and connectivity.

Brambles Crates

Brambles is an Australian company and one of the most highly valuated stocks on the Australian Securities exchange. The company specializes in supply-chain logistics and has operations in over 60 countries across 4 continents, with the most significant regions being North America and Western Europe. The company primarily operates through its CHEP and IFCO brands.

Mr. Srinivasamurthy is uniquely suited to his leadership role in BXB Digital, having served as Senior Vice President, Customer Innovation & Internet of Things for SAP, a leading global enterprise software company.

By integrating IoT technology into its already vast network, Bramble hopes to gather important data which, once analyzed, can be used to implement countless optimizations to its various supply chains.


Brambles Establishes BXB Digital to Break Into IoT Market
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