Cloudflare Orbit launches a security solution for IoT devices

Cloudflare Orbit, a newly launched security solution for IoT devices. It’s a network solution that creates a secure and authenticated connection between an IoT device and its origin server. Orbit basically adds a buffer between devices and the Internet of Things.

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that promises speed and security for websites.

Cloudflare Orbit

A major benefit of Cloudflare Orbit is that it blocks remote code execution and malicious threats across IoT devices at the network level rather than the device level.

By keeping bad requests from getting to the devices, Orbit prevents them from leaking data or launching DDoS attacks.

Instead of writing and shipping a patch, IoT companies can write logic on Cloudflare’s edge, and write their own firewall rules to run on Cloudflare, and it updates the Cloudflare Orbit layer immediately, for all of their devices, without their users ever being so much as nudged to install something.

Plus, with requests going through Cloudflare, Cloudflare can compress transmitted data and speed up traffic, meaning less time is spent waiting on open connections and more time left in battery.

Other benefits Cloudflare Orbit promises include:

1. Cost-effective firmware updates for IoT devices directly from cache

2. Compression & performance optimizations to reduce data transmission

3. Secure & authenticated data transfer

Cloudflare Orbit launches a security solution for IoT devices
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