Cowlar: Bringing Smart Sensors to the Dairy Farm

Mar 28 2017

A Pakistani AgTech company is offering smart solutions to the world’s dairy farms. Called Cowlar, the company offers what has been called a 'FitBit for cows' which allows farmers to track their cows in new and innovative ways.

Cowlar units are non-invasive collars with attached smart sensors. These sensors monitor cow activity, temperature, and behavioral patterns which may impact milk production and overall health. Each collar retains a charge for six months, and is completely waterproof.

The collars promise to detect early signs of disease marked by changes to body temperature, movement and behavior patterns. Similarly, the biological signs of reproductive cycles can be monitored and optimized, improving milk yield as a result. As Cowlar’s CEO Umer Adnan explains, each missed heat cycle is a missed opportunity for milk production, a potential new calf, and an estimated $400 in dairy revenue each month. Cowlar aims to prevent this, and offer dairy farmers all over the world with the technology to make their farms more profitable and efficient.

Along with the Cowlar collars, a solar-powered base station called the Cow Router is also availible. The base station collects data from cows within a two-mile radius, and sends this data to the cloud where it is interpreted using machine learning algorithms. This allows farmers to directly connect with dairy scientists by receiving advice based on their herd’s current habits, reproductive trends and milk yields.

Cowlar plans to implements their technology into emerging dairy markets such as India, Brazil, and Pakistan with a growing market in the United States as well. With over 270 Million dairy cows generating $100 Billion worldwide, developments to the dairy market can have profound impacts on agricultural practices as a whole.

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+ Cowlar was a Y Combinator W17 contestant and finished in the top 7, gaining $245,000 in seed funding.

+ The Cowlar collars have a GPS function, allowing farmers to keep track of their entire herd, while recieving notifications when a cow wanders off.

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